Paulina Lake

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Paulina Lake

     Paulina Lake is one of the twin crater lakes (the other being East Lake), located 6,350 feet above sea level in Newberry Crater, Central Oregon. It is in the Deschutes National Forest near La Pine. The crater was built from 500,000 years of volcanic eruptions. The lake's main inflow is from snow melt, hot springs, and seepage from East Lake. Its primary outflow is Paulina Creek. The average depth is 163 feet, while the deepest part of the lake reaches 250 feet. The lake covers 1,531 acres. It is about 50 feet lower, and to the west of its twin, East Lake. Paulina Lake is known for its large number of Kokanee Salmon, and Brown Trout.

Above photo is one of the 2 campgrounds on Paulina Lake.

A Paulina lake Kokanee is in the net. Kokanee are a popular fish at Paulina Lake and Paulina Lake Resort visitors catch limits of Kokanee. You can stay at one of 2 Paulina Lake campgrounds or in one of the cabins at Paulina Lake Lodge.


Paulina Creek Water Falls

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